Hi! I'm Eric. Thanks for checking out WriteMandarin.com!

First things first, I'm a new student of Mandarin Chinese. I created the worksheets on this website to help with my own studies. I figure others might like them, too!

My interest in learning Chinese comes from spending the past few years reading translated Chinese poetry from the Tang and Song dynasties. Now I want to read the original texts. Yes, I've got a looooong way to go...

However, this is not my first time creating language learning material. I spent a number of years teaching English in South Korea which in turn spawned a number of ESL-related teaching websites such as ESLFlashcards.com, ESLTeacherTalk.com (podcast) and eslHQ.com.

Now, I'm making worksheets to learn how to read and write Chinese. If you have ideas for new worksheets let me know!

And if you're interested in reading some translated ancient Chinese poetry I highly recommend anything by David Hinton. His translations go beyond the literal, he captures the 心 (heart and mind) of the poets themselves.

Happy studying!
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