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Animals (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
bear, cat, deer, dog, elephant, fish, giraffe, horse, lion, monkey, mouse, panda, rabbit, tiger
熊, 猫, 鹿, 狗, 大象, 鱼, 长颈鹿, 马, 狮子, 猴子, 老鼠, 熊猫, 兔子, 老虎
Body Parts (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
arm, ear, eye, face, foot, hair, head, knee, leg, mouth, neck, nose, toe, tooth
手臂, 耳朵, 眼睛, 脸, 脚, 头发, 头, 膝盖, 腿, 嘴巴, 脖子, 鼻子, 脚趾, 牙齿
Chinese Zodiac Animals Worksheet Collection
Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig
鼠, 牛, 虎, 兔子, 龙, 蛇, 马, 山羊, 猴, 公鸡, 狗, 猪
Classroom (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
book, bookshelf, chair, chalkboard, classroom, clock, desk, eraser, notebook, pen, pencil, ruler, table, textbook, wastebasket, whiteboard
书, 书架, 椅子, 黑板, 教室, 时钟, 书桌, 橡皮擦, 笔记本, 笔, 铅笔, 尺, 桌子, 课本, 垃圾桶, 白板
Colors Worksheet Collection
red, orange, yellow, brown, blue, green, purple, black, white, gray, silver, gold, beige, pink
红色, 橙色, 黄色, 褐色, 蓝色, 绿色, 紫色, 黑色, 白色, 灰色, 银色, 金色, 米黄色, 粉红色
Family Members (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son, baby, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, granddaughter, grandson, parents, children, grandparents
丈夫, 妻子, 父亲, 母亲, 女儿, 儿子, 婴儿, 妹妹, 哥哥, 祖母, 祖父, 孙女, 孙子, 父母, 孩子们, 祖父母
Feelings (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
angry, mad, bored, happy, hungry, sad, sick, ill, surprised, thirsty, tired, worried
生气, 无聊, 高兴, 饿, 难过, 生病, 惊喜, 渴, 累, 担心
HSK 1 Adjectives Worksheet Collection
good, many, big, large, small, young, few, little, heat, hot, cold, happy, glad, pretty, beautiful, a bit, a few
好, 多, 大, 小, 少, 热, 冷, 高兴, 漂亮, 一点儿
and, with, hello (on the phone), goodbye, see you later, thank you, sorry, it doesn't matter, never mind, you're welcome, don't be polite
和, 喂, 再见, 谢谢, 对不起, 没关系, 不客气
HSK 1 Food & Places Worksheet Collection
water, dish, vegetables, tea, apple, fruit, cooked rice, school, hospital, China, shop, store, restaurant, hotel, Beijing
水, 菜, 茶, 苹果, 水果, 米饭, 学校, 医院, 中国, 商店, 饭店, 北京
HSK 1 Nouns (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
money, coin, letter, character, dog, book, letter, thing, stuff, work, a job, name, clothes, movie, film
钱, 字, 狗, 书, 东西, 工作, 名字, 衣服, 电影
HSK 1 Nouns (Set 2) Worksheet Collection
cat, airplane, television, computer, table, desk, weather, chair, cup, glass, Chinese language, taxi
猫, 飞机, 电视, 电脑, 桌子, 天气, 椅子, 杯子, 汉语, 出租车
indicates possession, indicates a completed action, indicates a yes/no question, indicates a question, how about...?, general measure word, year, some, few, several, number, day of a month, years old, age, measure word for books, lump, piece, sum of money, minute (measure word for time)
的, 了, 吗, 呢, 个, 年, 些, 号, 岁, 本, 块, 分钟
HSK 1 People Worksheet Collection
man, person, people, family, home, sir, Mr., friend, mom, mama, dad, papa, doctor, son, daughter, young lady, miss, Ms., teacher, student, fellow student, schoolmate
人, 家, 先生, 朋友, 妈妈, 爸爸, 医生, 儿子, 女儿, 小姐, 老师, 学生, 同学
HSK 1 Prepositions & Adverbs Worksheet Collection
no, not, at, on, in, very, quite, all, both, above, up, too (much), inside, fall, below, how many, several, a few, back, behind, in front
不, 在, 很, 都, 上, 太, 里, 下, 几, 后面, 前面
HSK 1 Pronouns Worksheet Collection
I, me, you (singular), he, him, this, she, that, then, we, us
我, 你, 他, 这, 她, 那, 我们
HSK 1 Question Words Worksheet Collection
who?, which? how?, where?, what?, how?, how about? how is/was it?, how much? how many?
谁, 哪, 哪儿, 什么, 怎么, 怎么样, 多少
HSK 1 Time Words Worksheet Collection
a dot, a little, o'clock, moon, month, now, time, today, tomorrow, yesterday, week, afternoon, noon, midday, late morning (before noon)
点, 月, 现在, 时候, 今天, 明天, 昨天, 星期, 下午, 中午, 上午
HSK 1 Verbs (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
be, is, are, am, have, know how to, be able to, speak, think, believe, come, arrive, can, be able, go, leave, do, make, see, look at, watch
是, 有, 会, 说, 想, 来, 能, 去, 做, 看
HSK 1 Verbs (Set 2) Worksheet Collection
listen, hear, to be called, love, ask, invite, return, reply, go back, eat, open, start, operate (a vehicle), live, reside, stop, not have, there is not, like
听, 叫, 爱, 请, 回, 吃, 开, 住, 没有, 喜欢
HSK 1 Verbs (Set 3) Worksheet Collection
buy, sit, drink, write, read, study, recognize, know (a person), see, catch sight of, sleep, go to bed, learn, study, to rain, make a phone call
买, 坐, 喝, 写, 读, 认识, 看见, 睡觉, 学习, 下雨, 打电话
Numbers 1-10 Worksheet Collection
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten
一, 二, 三, 四, 五, 六, 七, 八, 九, 十
Personal Pronouns Worksheet Collection
I, me, you (singular, informal), you (singular, formal), he, him, she, her, it (singular), we, us, you (plural), they (masculine), they (feminine), it (plural)
我, 你, 您, 他, 她, 它, 我们, 你们, 他们, 她们, 它们
School Subjects Worksheet Collection
art, chemistry, English, French, geography, history, math, music, physics, science, biology, Spanish
艺术, 化学, 英语, 法语, 地理, 历史, 数学, 音乐, 物理, 科学, 生物学, 西班牙语
Weather (Set 1) Worksheet Collection
clear, cloudy, cold, cool, hot, humid, raining, snowing, sunny, thunderstorm, warm, windy
晴朗, 多云, 冷, 凉, 热, 湿, 下雨, 下雪, 晴天, 雷雨, 暖, 有风