120 Most Common Radicals Flashcard Set

Instantly download this set of printable flashcards containing 120 of the most common Chinese radicals.

This flashcard set is perfect for students who are starting to learn Chinese. These Flashcards will give you a great foundation for learning Chinese. Radicals can provide hints to the meaning of a character or the sound of a character.

Preview of 120 Most Common Radicals Flashcard Set


There are two different versions available for purchase:

Preview of 120 Most Common Radicals Flashcard Set


Each version (Simplified or Traditional) contains the following files:

  • 120 Flashcards with definitions (in English) (See Example).
  • 120 Flashcards without definitions (includes space to write your own definitions).
  • Microsoft Excel file containing all radicals, variations, definitions, Pinyin and 3 example characters.
Preview of 120 Most Common Radicals Flashcard Set


After you have purchased either the Simplified or Traditional version, you will be emailed a link to a page where you can download the files.

  • Download the Flashcards you wish to study (either with English definitions or without definitions).
  • Print the Flashcards (20 pages).
  • Print the Flashcards envelope (optional).
  • Cut out all of the Flashcards (6 Flashcards per page).
  • Use the envelope to hold the Flashcards (See Video).
  • Study, Learn, Master! 😊


  • PDF reading software (ie. Adobe Reader).
  • Access to a printer.
  • At least 20 pieces of blank paper.
  • A spreadsheet program to view the character list Excel spreadsheet (ie. Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, etc...).


This is a digital download only. You will not receive anything by post.

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