Leisure Activities (Set 3)

Chinese Writing Worksheets

This free worksheet collection contains 194 printable PDF pages for learning how to write 10 hobbies and leisure activities in simplified and traditional Mandarin Chinese.

Added Sep 9 2020

Start with learning to write these 10 new Chinese vocabulary words using the small, medium or large Tracing Grids. Then move on to the Printable Flashcards for further practice at home or on the go. Next, test your memory of each Chinese character with the very fun Missing Strokes worksheets. Need a challenge? Try the Five Missing Strokes and Random Missing Strokes worksheets.

By now you should be a master of writing your newly learned vocabulary words in either simplified or traditional Chinese. Next, use the Character Search worksheets to help you distinguish the characters you just learned from other, similar looking Chinese characters.

Lastly, finish up with a Multiple Choice and a Matching activity. Now you're ready to test your knowledge on the Final Quiz. Don't worry! You've got this!

This worksheet collection contains the following Chinese vocabulary words.

English Chinese Pinyin
read a book 看书 看書 kàn shū
relax 放松 放鬆 fàng sōng
ride a bicycle 骑车 騎車 qí chē
sew 缝纫 縫紉 féng rèn
sing 唱歌 chàng gē
write a letter 写信 寫信 xiě xìn
swim 游泳 yóu yǒng
read the newspaper 看报纸 看報紙 kàn bào zhǐ
play piano 弹钢琴 彈鋼琴 dàn gāng qín
watch TV 看电视 看電視 kàn diàn shì

What's included in this worksheet collection?

When you download this worksheet collection, you will receive one ZIP file which contains the following files in both simplified and traditional Mandarin Chinese. Below are examples of the types of worksheets included in the ZIP file.

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